Lead Quality Assurance Game Tester

A team of all trades.

Although Team6 has been in the gaming industry for over 20 years, we still consider ourselves being a young and dynamic company. Developing games for all kinds of platforms, from top 10-mobile games to a great diversity of games for all the latest consoles keeps us creative and always aiming for the skies.

Team6 is looking for an experienced QA Tester with an eye for detail and a need to take the lead! As Lead QA, you will guide our current team of one and maintain strong cross departmental collaborations. You oversee the progress of the department and strive for the best quality possible at all times while taking deadlines, scope, and budget in account. You lead by example, encourage and above all support your department. Are you the Lead QA that we are looking for? We’d love for you to reach out to us!


  • Relevant Game Development education or equivalent experience
  • +3 years of experience as a Game Tester within the game industry
  • Experience with bug tracking databases, like for instance Jira
  • Experience with performing certification testing for Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch
  • Experience with the platform capabilities and extensive knowledge about the operations of Steam, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch
  • Able to take the lead, motivate and guide your team to achieve the best possible quality for our games
  • Experience with shipping one or more games while acting as a QA Tester
  • Strong English communication skills, in both verbal and written capacity


  • Experience as a Lead
  • Experience with creating and verifying submission packages with Unreal Engine
  • Experience with shipping multiplayer games
  • Experience with test tracking software (TestRail/Xray)
  • Experience with CI management (TeamCity)
  • Basic understanding of Phyton, JavaScript and/or databases and SQL is a plus
  • Experience with different development methodologies, experience with Agile and Waterfall methodology is a plus

Team6 as a company:

Our name resembles our core beliefs, the best games are not made by individuals but by teams that have passion for games. Learning and inspiring each other is what we excel at. We put a lot of time in building a culture where our Team6-ers can thrive and enjoy a great atmosphere to, not only work in, but share their passion for creating games with their fellow Team6 members. We truly believe that it’s essential to share your passion and knowledge amongst like-minded people to create the best possible games. That’s why we are known for our informal and flexible family-like work culture, while maintaining a professional attitude. You can say we aim for the best of both worlds. If that didn’t convince you yet, we can also offer you:

  • A diverse workforce with different nationalities and cultures
  • Full-time job with room for personal growth (hours are negotiable)
  • Employee benefits including traveling compensation and pensions
  • The opportunity to have a direct impact on the actual developed games, we’d love to hear your input and vision!
  • A beautiful office location nearby the station surrounded by various pubs, restaurants and nearby the forest. Located in the same building as the cinema, library, and theater


We strongly prefer candidates that live nearby the studio in Assen, the Netherlands, or are willing to relocate to a place nearby our studio. For this position we only consider candidates that have a nationality from one of the countries that are part of the European Economic Area (EEA countries) or are already in possession of a permanent work permit which allows to work freely in the Netherlands (in this case the work permit will state “arbeid vrij toegestaan”).

If you share our ideology, want to become a great addition to our family and enrich us with your awesome talents, then we would love for you to reach out to us! Send your application to hr@team6-games.com.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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