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At Team6 we’re dedicated to rise above ourselves with every game we make.
The only way to do that is to learn and grow from each other. We don’t believe in limits, we believe in challenges. That’s why every single Sixxer is equally important.

As the oldest independent game studio in Holland we know how valuable diversity and culture is, in the end it’s the shared passion that unites us. That equality is the base for our daily working life and a key factor in our company. We are always looking for people who want to make great things together.

Currently we have
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family not colleagues

Every single Sixxer is like family. You spend your weekdays together, get to know each other, and share your life with others. So we consider each other more like family then colleagues.

make impact.

Every position is of equal importance. We want you to make an impact by letting you put your stamp on our products. Whatever it is, your voice will be heard.

decide your journey

We want TEAM6 to be your home of possibilities. We listen to your goals and will do our best help you realise them.

pension plan

All Sixxers have enhanced company pension contributions, meaning that we invest in your future together.

Passion and personality first. Skill and experience comes after.

We want you!

We are looking for kind, talented people who not only want to make an impact in our games and in our company?
Sounds like you? Awesome! Let’s chat!


Here at Team6 Game Studios we are always looking for talented people to join our team. We are proud of the games we develop, however we can’t make them the success we want them to be without a team of awesome and dedicated members! Do you think you would make a great addition to our games? Whether you’re an artist, a designer or a programmer: check out our vacancies or send an open application!

Lead Artist

Full-time position

Junior Programmer

Full-time position

Physics Programmer

Full-time position

Lead Programmer

Full-time position

Programmer (Unreal)

Full-time position 

Senior Programmer (Unreal)

Full-time position 

Senior QA Game Tester

Full-time position

Open internship positions

Still in school, but passionate about working in the gaming industry? Do an internship at Team6 Game Studios. We see it as our duty to aid you in your journey in becoming a full-fledged professional. We’ll make sure you work with as many new techniques, tools and game platforms as possible. Whether you want to be an artist, a designer or a programmer: check out our vacancies or send an open application!

Game Design internship

Full-time internship

Production internship

Full-time internship

Programmer internship

Full-time internship

Don’t see your desired vacancy?

You don’t see the right vacancy for you but you feel like you have a must-have skillset for us? Then don’t hesistate to drop us a message!

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