As we like to do the impossible! However, for us it stands for I-MPACT. We are strong believers of equality within our company, and that’s why we need each Sixxer to bring their A-game. All of our games are made together, so we need everyone to make a true impact.



Team6 was born over 20 years ago. Born from passion for making games, we have grown to be one of the biggest independent studios in the Netherlands. One thing has never changed, the passion that kicked it all off is still our core fundamental that we bring to every game.

Team6 is based in Assen in the Netherlands. With over 35 family members, who each bring their A-game every single day, the experience we bring for every project makes us a valuable partner for many clients that put their trust in us. In our history, we have developed for almost every platform: from handhelds and VR, to mobile and next-gen consoles.

Our core fundamentals

Work hard play hard

Balancing seriousness and fun is where we live by. We take our work serious but at the same time we enjoy some relaxation from time to time. We enjoy spending time together after office hours, play some games and have some drinks together. We are all professionals at work, but meanwhile we enjoy our informal culture. A balance between professionalism and informality is what we are known for.

Unity by diversity

Diversity is in the core of our believes. You only bring the best, if you’re the best version of yourself. No matter, your religion, gender or background we welcome you to our team. We are united by passion, and that brings our games to the next level.

no limits, just challenges

Together we face new challenges every single day. We see bumps in the road as a chance to grow and learn from. Never think you cannot do something; we do not think in limitations but think in opportunities and challenges.

determination & flexibility

We believe it is not only about the finish line, it is about the journey we go through. With every new project that we take on, we encounter new possibilities and we always try to reach for the skies. We are determined about reaching our destination, but flexible about the best way to get there.

build upon creativity

Our power lies in our creativity. Due to the creative minds in our studio we can give our clients as well as the players, the best possible experience. We encourage our employees to think outside the box, because this is where creativity starts.

better together

Everyone excels at different things, what is better than a team where multiple talents come together? Alone you can face a lot, together we are unstoppable. There is a reason why we call ourselves Team6, we believe that with a strong and passionate team you can win every race.


Do you love making impact on projects, are you a great teamplayer and do you love to share your knowledge?
Then you might be the person we are looking for!

we have great partners & clients

We would not be able to do what we do without our amazing partners & clients.
They help us strive for the stars with every project.

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